Frequently Asked Questions

Your Electricity Supply

Q. How to apply for a new service connection?

Ans. Collect Application form either from NPCL head Office or download the same from the website.Fill in application form, duly attaching the requisite documents like B&L form, Possession certificate.On receipt of provisional-estimate-cum-bill for new service connection charges, deposit the same by way of Cash (up to Rs.20,000/-), Banker's cheque, Demand Draft.

Service apparatus will be installed within the following time limits:

Domestic /Commercial Connections in Township Area
7 days
LT industries
15 days
High Tension supply
Within 3 days from the submission of energisation clearance from Directorate of Electrical Safety

Q. How to shift meter from its current location?

Ans. Submit application on plain paper at NPCL office enclosing therewith a copy of last paid bill. Be pent on a prescheduled date and time when inspection will be carried out by NPCL for ascertaining involvement of work. Make payment against the bill to be handed over to you by NPCL at the earliest. NPCL will complete the work within seven days from the date of receipt of payment.

Q. How to resolve supply-related complaints on power interruptions or unsatisfactory voltage profile?

Ans. Register the complaint at NPCL's helpline no. +91-120-2333555 along with 10-digit consumer number printed at the upper left corner of your electricity bill and one complaint number will be intimated to you for future reference.

NPCL fault-repairing crew will attend to the cause of the complaint and resolve the same within the following time limits:

Fuse Calls
4 hours
Overhead line breakdowns
8 hours
Underground cable faults
16 hours
Transformer failure
24 hours
Voltage problem
24 hours, in case of local problems

Q. How to report about unsafe electrical installations?

Ans. Inform NPCL officials (Manager (Operations)/Assistant Manager/Executive) over telephone numbers 2326559/60/61 and the unsafe installations will be visited within three days from the date of receipt of complaint.

Q. How to address the problem of frequent tripping of MCB or blowing of fuse?

Ans. Contact a Licensed Electrical contractor (L.E.C.) to locate the cause. If there is a fault/defect in your wiring installations, rectify the same.

If the load of your installation is more than the load allowed by NPCL, please apply for enhancement of load by filling up a form available at NPCL office or download the same from the website.

Your Electricity Bill

Q. When shall I expect the first electricity bill after installation of meter?

Ans. First electricity bill is delivered within 60 days of installation of meter. In case of non-delivery please contact our help desk at our Head Office with the "consumer number" indicated on the top left side of the invoice you received while applying for the connection.

Q. How do I make payment when I have not received the electricity consumption bill?

Ans. If the bill is not delivered within 15 days after the meter reading, you can avail a copy bill from the Billing Help Desk at our Head Office upon production of your consumer number. You can deposit payment within the due date specified in the bill at our Cash Offices or Drop Box.

Q. How bills are delivered?

Ans. Bills are delivered through courier service every month.

Q. What is the meter reading system?

Ans. Every month meter readers go door-to-door and record readings in Hand Held Computers (HHC) / Meter Reading Terminals (MRT). Meter reader is required to update the readings in the Meter Card attached to your meter. Meter readings fed in the HHC/MRT are uploaded in our Billing Servers for processing and bills are subsequently raised.

Q. Why is my meter not read regularly?

Ans. Any one of the following can be the reasons:

(i) Your premises is vacant and kept locked for days together or remains locked during the daytime resulting in inaccessibility of meter to the meter reader.

(ii) Discrepancy in address in our database with the actual may result in meter reader's missing out your premises. If you observe such shortcomings in the address (as printed in bill), please be brought to the notice of Executive (Commercial) at NPCL Head Office immediately for corrections.

Q. How are bills prepared if the meter is not read?

Ans. If meter is not read for whatever reason, provisional bill is raised which subjected to adjustment on receipt of actual meter reading in the subsequent months.

For domestic connections provisional bills are raises @ Rs 120 /kW/ month. For non-domestic consumers bills are provisional bills are raised on average consumption of last 3 months or based on load (if previous consumption pattern is not available). Provisional bills are required to be paid within the due dates like normal bills raised on actual consumption.

Q. Why sometimes electricity bills seem to be high ?

Ans. The increased consumption may be attributable inter-alia to the following reasons:

Defective appliance - Electrical appliances viz. air-conditioner, refrigerator, geysers, water pumps, washing machine etc, should be checked and repaired immediately if found defective.

Defective wiring installation - Good quality electrical wiring installation with proper current rating should be used. Defrayed wiring installation would lead to additional electricity consumption.

Unauthorized extension - Unauthorized extension of your electrical wiring connecting to different or adjacent installation would increase the electricity consumption recorded by your meter.

For above, you may have it checked by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.

Incorrect meter readings - You would appreciate that a meter reader reads a large number of meters in a day. Hence, mistakes though occasionally may happen in taking readings of meters. If you notice wide abnormality is recorded consumption of the meter, in comparison with the previous consumption, kindly bring it to the notice of the Executive (Commercial) of the Company at our Head Office.

Defective energy meter - Energy meters are tested for accuracy specified in Indian Electricity Rules. It may develop fault, leading to incorrect registration of consumption. In such instances, where there is a wide variation in recorded electricity consumption in comparison to the previous occasions and if you have any doubt about the metering accuracy you may approach Executive (Commercial) of the Company at our Head Office.

Q. Why does the period of meter reading vary ?

Ans. You would appreciate that it is logistically difficult to read all the metes on the 30th/31st day. Hence there can be a variation of 3-5 days in meter reading period which may result variance in consumption.

Q. Can one make cash payments of electricity bills ?

Ans. Cash payment upto Rs.20,000/- are accepted.

Q. Can bills be paid partly by cash and partly by cheque ?

Ans. Full payments are accepted either by cash or by cheque.

Q. Why "Payment shall not be accepted by cheque" appearing on my bill ?

Ans. If your cheque is dishonoured on two occasions in a financial year further payments are not accepted by cheque. Hence the remark "Payment shall not be accepted by Cheque" is printed on the bill.

Q. I have paid my previous month's electricity bill, but the payment have not been accounted for in the current month's bill?

Ans. This may happen if the payment was made after the due date. You would have to approach the Commercial Department at the Company's head office to get the amount payable against your bill appropriately amended.

Q. How do I register complaint relating to metering and billing?

Ans. All metering and billing complaints are registered at Commercial Department of the Company's head office.

Q. My meter is found stolen, where do I register complaint?

Ans. You have to first lodge on FIR at the local police station. Subsequently you are requested to approach the Executive (Commercial) with the copy of FIR. Supply will be reconnected upon payment of necessary charges.